My journey 

01 Sociology

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology because addressing big issues starts with understanding society from the inside.

02 Documentary & video ethnography

I am intently curious. I love working out what makes people tick. My work as a documentary writer and filmmaker is always about helping people through something difficult and I listen till they reach a catharsis. I embed myself into my subject's environments to tell their stories with truth and heart. My documentaries have been screened on network tv, film festivals and exhibitions. My work as a User Researcher does the same thing. I try to understand why people do what they do. And with that privileged access into people's inner lives comes great responsibility to make it better.

03 User experience and service design

Working for five years in ACMI's experience and design team, I researched, prototyped and tested an array of digital and physical experiences and products with our visitors. Integrating a user-centred design approach across the large and somewhat traditional organisation, we were able to learn what our real purpose was. I love to uncover problems and work with visitors to find new approaches and better solutions.


04 Impact Producer

Consulting with charities, community groups and purposeful businesses to tell their important stories with greater impact and originality to support them in making a difference.


  • agile methodologies

  • experience mapping

  • data visualisations

  • analysis and insights​


  • storytelling

  • qualitative interviewing 

  • observational research

  • prototyping and usability testing

User Persona

Name: Shelley Matulick

Profile: Woman. Mid 40s. Married. Mother to two children and four chickens. Australian born, Croatian descent. Born on Christmas Day. Even though her friends always forget her birthday, she's happy that it's the best day of the year for lots of children.

Occupation: UX researcher, Filmmaker 

Location: Melbourne but loves to travel especially if its a work perk.

Interests: Bushwalking, gallery hopping, making sculptures from steel and watching people (but not in a creepy way). 

Backstory: Shelley spent four long years studying business and arts, but found people so much more interesting than spreadsheets and became a documentary filmmaker instead. While working at ACMI as the Content Producer, management decided to adopt a user-centred design approach (finally). They discovered Shelley had cosmic skills in UX Research having spent thousands of hours interviewing people and observing them like a friendly fly on the wall. It was a rewarding transition.

Shelley is very curious and asks lots of questions. In fact, she may have you telling a story you have never told anyone else within 15 minutes of chatting. She's just a very good listener.



  • Shelley wants to cure as many shitty, frustrating, useless user experiences as humanly possible

  • She is passionate about elevating marginalised people's voices and sharing their stories to impact decisions that will make their lives irrevocably better.

  • She wants to make people better humans

Shelley Matulick.jpg

"Reality is unforgivingly complex. My job is to see people as they really are, and to do this, I need to know who I am in the most compassionate possible sense."

Ideal Experience: 

  • To work with a dynamic and ingenious design team making change in significant and far-reaching ways with ambitions to solve the big social problems of our time.

  • To work in a team passionate about storytelling and sharing stories to create an impact. 

  • To work in an environment committed to human-centred design and the best evidence is their investment in their team's development and happiness.