Marriot Hotels

With Covid retreating in some parts of the world, paradise is within reach. Hotels are appealing to tourists as a perfect escape from harsh lockdown rules and a stress-free indulgence that we all deserve.

DanceNorth Australia

Promoting their love of dance to the younger generation this is a a dynamic invite to get your dance shoes on and move.

Japan Tourism

I love travelling and one of my favourite places is Japan. The contrast of the bustling cities with the zen calmness, the ancient with the futuristic is always intriguing. 

Sheraton Fiji Resort

Sheraton love to celebrate local culture and in Fiji that shines through best in the people who work at the resort. Following Covid travel restrictions, local communities are inviting tourists to return and recover from what has been an exhausting year.

Scorsese Taxi Driver​

We did some creative reworking to promote Scorsese the Exhibition with a playful take on the taxi driver meme using real life taxi drivers in Melbourne.

David Bowie Is...​

We gave die-hard fans a sneak peek behind-the-scenes before the opening of the exhibition David Bowie Is.... 

Making Wonderland

We created a series of short instagram stories to give audiences a taste of the beautiful exhibition Wonderland. 


When Aardman's Co-founder Peter Lord came to Melbourne we took Morph out on the streets for a photo shoot. 



Early Childhood Australia

A cute clip to promote the fun that you can have while stuck at home.


We used 2D animation to tell the story of a new product innovation for ACCOR's sustainability goals.

Ever wanted to cook like a goodfella? In celebration of the Scorsese exhibition, I put together this video to show how to make the spaghetti and meatballs from the Goodfellas.

Inspired by Buzzfeed's cooking videos, I created something with a little more attitude for the ACMI Cafe.