Social Campaigns

Wonderland Late Nights

A promo developed to draw a younger crowd to ACMI's late nights offer. >10K views facebook. >500 likes on Instagram



David Bowie Is...​

A promo for ACMI's most popular exhibition David Bowie Is.... >40K views youtube >60K views facebook. >100K likes on Instagram



Manifesto Teasers

A series of teasers to promote Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto Exhibition. >60K views on youtube. >10k shares/likes on facebook.



Scorsese socials

We did some creative reworking to promote Scorsese the Exhibition with a playful take on the taxi driver meme and a series of Top 3 moments were also popular with our cinephiles.

This is a small sample of many, many social campaigns created for different exhibitions and events.