FAta Morgana

infinity mirror.jpg

Climate Council (in development)

Impact Producer

Heatwaves make us irritated and irrational. It makes our brain fuzzy and plays tricks on our eyes. The installation is designed to be uncomfortable, claustrophobic and intense. This work is a jolt to the fatigue about climate change - a dramatic and disturbing experience to sear into the memory. 


An infinity room is a magical space. And where the visitor is centred in the infinite space there is no escape from facing themselves in this environment. The visitor is inside the artwork and there is no separation between the body and the fiery world moving around them. We want to question what their role is in this and leave them with an urgency to take action. 

This is an experiment to explore if a deeply emotive and affecting immersive experience can have an impact on behaviour and action.


The take-home challenges will empower visitors to take small but strong actions on climate change. They will be designed to be measurable and trackable on social media to help us gauge the impact and document the effectiveness of this innovative approach to social awareness raising.