Marriot Hotels

With Covid retreating in some parts of the world, paradise is within reach. Hotels are appealing to tourists as a perfect escape from harsh lockdown rules and a stress-free indulgence that we all deserve.

DanceNorth Australia

Promoting their love of dance to the younger generation this is a a dynamic invite to get your dance shoes on and move.

Scorsese Taxi Driver​

We did some creative reworking to promote Scorsese the Exhibition with a playful take on the taxi driver meme using real life taxi drivers in Melbourne.

David Bowie Is...​

We gave die-hard fans a sneak peek behind-the-scenes before the opening of the exhibition David Bowie Is.... 

Making Wonderland

We created a series of short instagram stories to give audiences a taste of the beautiful exhibition Wonderland. 


When Aardman's Co-founder Peter Lord came to Melbourne we took Morph out on the streets for a photo shoot. 



Early Childhood Australia

A cute clip to promote the fun that you can have while stuck at home.


We used 2D animation to tell the story of a new product innovation for ACCOR's sustainability goals.

Ever wanted to cook like a goodfella? In celebration of the Scorsese exhibition, I put together this video to show how to make the spaghetti and meatballs from the Goodfellas.

Inspired by Buzzfeed's cooking videos, I created something with a little more attitude for the ACMI Cafe.