WHAT's on at ACMI



When our current website was launched in 2017, the What's On Calendar received significant negative feedback from loyal film members as it didn't allow them to plan their film schedule a week or month at a time. The What's On Calendar is notoriously tricky as it has to be a one-stop shop for all of our different programs and audiences. There is a lot of information to get on a small amount of real estate -  title, description, time, pricing, recommended age and location.  


Usability testing

I conducted remote usability tests with 20 participants and created six personas for each participant in preparation for the design sprint.



Design Sprint

The Product Manager ran a 3-day sprint with front of house staff, web and digital teams to explore user feedback from the usability testing and personas. We were tasked with understanding how can we best help visitors plan? We started by mapping users needs, journey mapping and drawing up paper prototypes based on the identified priorities.

sprint 3.jpeg


Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 8.42.24 pm.png

The winning prototype was turned into a basic wireframe which I started testing with random visitors in the cafe and dwell spaces. The most important feedback from testing this prototype was that our audiences are visually motivated and they needed visual cues on the calendar (not surprisingly as we are the centre for screen culture). Due to the scale of programming vs page real estate, I changed the design back to a day view but with an obvious and easy navigation bar through the days of the week. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.39.39 am.pn

I made a digital prototype using XD and retested with a range of visitors at different times of the week and in different areas of the museum to get the widest demographic. I also sent the final prototype to the original cohort to test before signing off. 

whats on prototype v.2.png

Research Impact

We will be redesigning the website for our museum renewal and we want to get the What's On Calendar right. Rigorous testing and iterating and retesting with a wide range of users, especially our most critical users has produced a robust product.


The top bar with our programming breakdown helps promote our other offers as many visitors don't realise we show films and present events. It's now ready for our new branding and design and will roll out with our new website later in the year. A detailed analysis of the process and outcomes are documented here 


Design sprint

User research


Usability testing